Our Philosophy

Welcome to Huntsbury Preschool.  Our Community Based Preschool offers your child a safe, nurturing and exploration­-rich learning environment that engages and challenges childrens’ individual interests, strengths and dispositions within a strong and committed parent and teacher collaborative partnership.

The principles, goals and strands of the early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki form the basis of the curriculum offered to children.  We believe that a high quality programme is the result of the quality interactions between teachers, children and the wider learning community.

Teachers value children as unique individuals and guide children to expand their thinking, learning and intrinsic self­-belief.  Teachers support the learning and development of all children encouraging the development of confident and competent lifelong learners.

Children are encouraged to be self­learners, with an appreciation and respect for themselves and others.  Children can choose freely from a range of experiences and opportunities, to enhance and extend their learning development individually and in groups.   Flexible routines throughout the session, ensure that children can participate in long periods of uninterrupted play.

We provide a well­-resourced and literacy-rich­ environment supporting and empowering each child holistically.  Teachers value and treasure reciprocal learning, they take time to be present and listen to the funds of knowledge that each child brings, promoting the flow of ako.

The Preschool curriculum acknowledges and incorporates the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi; partnership, participation and protection and reflects and embraces the unique place of Māori as Tangata Whenua.  Teachers use Te Reo; symbols; resources to provide an environment that includes a wide range of natural materials and bi­cultural artefacts.  Teachers are committed to growing confident, successful, culturally intelligent and aware children who respect and understand bi­cultural language and practices.

Parents and whānau are respected as the first and most important teachers of their children.  Teachers value prior knowledge, actively building links and expanding the connections between home and Preschool, therefore developing, creating honest and open partnerships.  Teachers believe it is vital that individual voices are listened to and respected.  Both adults and children are empowered to communicate and express their aspirations and be active participants in decision­making.

As a reflection of our status as a Community Based Preschool, the Huntsbury Preschool Governance Board undertakes the vital role of governance, ensuring effective and efficient Governance and Management systems are in place.  The Governance Board is committed to employing trained, registered teachers and providing them with professional support, learning, opportunities and resources.