2018 Quiz Night success!

Our 2018 Quiz Night was an amazing success! And what a fun night out for our Huntsbury Preschool community! Thank you so much to Cara and her wonderful team of organisers.  A huge thank you also to all the families who made contributions and the businesses who generously supported our children.  Please consider supporting the below businesses in return!

All About You

AquaGym Swim School

Banfields of Beckenham

The Baby Pantry

Beckenham Beauty & Medi Spa

Blink Hair Design

The Brewery

Build McBride Ltd

Bumble Bees Swimming

Canterbury Baseball Association

Cashmere Cuisine

Cashmere Gallery

Celebration Cakes

City Fitness

Clip ‘n Climb

Deluxe Cinema @ Tannery

Fevah Roofing / Roof Restorer

The Garden Angel

Gardiner Construction

Goat Cycles

Gold Fern Honey

Grassroots Yoga & Health

Gurney Goo

Hairpins Hair Stylists

Hardings Chemist & Post

Mitre 10 Beckenham

The Mohair Store

Moon Under Water

The Noble Merchant

Novel Cafe

Oderings Garden Centre

On Pointe Barre Studio

Pitter Patter Dance

Riccarton Oil Changers


St Martins Pharmacy

St Martins New World

Sarah Webber Photography

Sushi Express

Teddy Time

Turners Car Auctions

Una Bakery

Uprising Bouldering Gym

Vibrant Living Retreat & Spa

The Warehouse Barrington

Whittaker’s Chocolate

Wilderness Motorhomes

The WOF Shop

Jane’s 20th teaching anniversary celebrations

Today at Huntsbury Preschool we had a very special event – we celebrated our wonderful Jane’s 20th anniversary as a teacher at our Preschool! This is a truly incredible achievement and we recognise and honour the dedication, passion and commitment that Jane has shown over the years to our children, our families and our staff as well as the broader community. Huntsbury Preschool is so fortunate to have such an amazing teacher – congratulations Jane!!

Check out some of the things that we got up to in Term 1!

31 January – Music Mary came to visit us for one of her amazing music sessions

15 February – Awatea and Matt brought Kitten ‘Taika’ into Preschool to visit

22 February – Drama – performing ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ play

23 February – school visit to St Martins School. We walked there, we stayed for morning tea and then took the bus back to Preschool!

26 February – we made muffins with a BIG zucchini that Rachael brought in to share with us

8 Februry – we made a friendship tree with Rachael and the children contributed their ideas about friendship


8 February – sewing with Jane and Rachael – making animals on the sewing machine and with needle and thread

9 February – we investigated the worm farm, talked about what worms like to eat, and saw hundreds of worms from Jenny’s worm farm going into the Preschool’s worm farm

9 February – peeling and cooking the apples from our tree in the preschool garden with Suz. They tasted delicious!

20 February – physical play outside on the ramp, with a mat and a boat! Even Jane went down in it 🙂

21 February – Library Lynette comes to visit us once a term

2 March – Science – Porter’s Dad, Sam, came to visit to show us the chemical reaction between mentos and cola. It made a huge volcano. Spectacular!


5 March – Manaakitanga – we found a cricket indoors, and thought it would be happier outdoors- so we set it free


March – Birthday celebrations – we had several 5th birthdays to celebrate, farewelling children to school

Wonderful Wheelathon!

Thank you one and all for coming along to our wonderful Wheelathon last Friday afternoon.  There was quite a turn out of runner-bikes, scooters and pedal bikes with lots of whanau cheering our tamariki along! What an incredible community to be a part of. We hope that you had as much fun as we did!








Our new 4th teacher for 2018 is…

We are thrilled to announce that Jenny Cameron will become part of our teaching team from Term 1, 2018. We would like to congratulate and warmly welcome Jenny to Huntsbury Preschool. Jenny’s experience is varied with private childcare, homebase care and montessori as part of her history. Jenny has a strong belief in community early childhood education and placing the child as the leader of their own learning is at the forefront of her philosophy. Some of our families will have already met Jenny as she has been working as a reliever for us in Term 4. We know that Jenny’s skills and experience are a wonderful fit for our community with Julia’s voice saying that she would be happy to leave Huntsbury with Jenny in our team. The Board and teaching team are looking forward to maintaining our current high standard of care and education with Jenny as part of our team in 2018.

Farewell to Julia

It is with great sadness that we farewell Julia who is taking some time away from teaching as she focuses on doing her house up. Julia has been an asset to the Huntsbury community. She has a unique gentle and sincere manner which children are attracted to. She offers interesting and stimulating learning opportunities for children and she has a toolkit of teaching strategies that are engaging and thoughtful. We wish her and her new husband Saia all the best now and into the future.  On the last day of term we hosted a farewell animal dress up, morning tea for Julia to wish her all the best for her next endeavours!

A note from Julia

Huntsbury Preschool is such an incredible place with heart, soul, courage and resilience. I have absolutely loved my two and a half years working with passionate, inspiring, strong and professional women and a community like no other. I was welcomed in with open arms and appreciate all of the support, encouragement and time spent with all who have walked through the Huntsbury doors. It really has been a very special gift to get to know such delightful, hilarious and genuine children, such lovely families and such amazing teachers. I have learnt so much about myself as a teacher, learner and person and will always treasure my time at Huntsbury.

I am a believer in change and am excited for the changes, challenges and fun ahead. I know that there will be exciting things on the horizon for both myself and Huntsbury Preschool for 2018.

All the best and no doubt I will see you around town. Thank you, thank you , thank you! 🙂

Arohanui, Julia




A visit to Beckenham School

We have been working hard to extend our relationships with the schools that our children will be attending in the future and recently we had the opportunity to visit Beckenham School.

It was great to take the time to walk and chat along the way. The children loved this opportunity to point out all that they know about their local community and we got to hear about some of the experiences they have beyond our Preschool.

When we arrived at Beckenham School we signed in at the office and then were shown where the new entrants space was.  They are all in a new classroom and it was exciting to see all that goes on there.  We were welcomed into the classroom and then joined in on free play time where children had the opportunity to move around the classrooms and choose activities that appealed to them.  We also joined the school children for mat time and learned some new songs.

The trip home took a little longer than the downward journey.  We stopped at a playground for a snack and some playtime before racing up the hill back to Preschool.

Thanks so much to all the children and teachers at Beckenham School who welcomed us into their programme.  It is great to build connections with you and provide a positive learning experience for our children. Thank you also to our parents whose help made this trip possible.


Our furry friends!

Recently we have welcomed some of our furry friends in to Preschool.  Thank you to the families who have brought their precious pets in for a visit!

Vanilla the baby rat

Vanilla belongs to one of our teachers. Vanilla made several visits to Preschool last term and the children have loved observing him as he moves about his cage. Rats are very friendly little creatures and love to interact with people. In small groups the children gathered around the cage observing Vanilla, communicating with each other about what they were noticing, listening to each other and giggling with delight as Vanilla came closer to talk with them. This close interaction took lots of negotiation of space and provided an opportunity to learn about understanding each other’s needs (i.e space) and point of view.

During another visit many children used Vanilla as inspiration for their art. Chairs, paper and markers were all brought over to the table and the children started creating drawings. Their observations were incredible as they noticed his features….long tail, ears, whiskers!! The children communicated their thoughts and ideas and listened to each other as well.

Spending time together observing Vanilla enabled children to make a contribution to the program by sharing their ideas and observations. It was also a very natural way to practice our conversational and communication skills, to express ourselves and to take an interest in the living world. Curiosity supported children to inquire, research, explore, generate and modify their working theories about the natural world.

Ranger the rabbit

Ranger is a beautiful fluffy rabbit who came to Preschool to visit. Ranger was just delightful. He was calm and many children came together to gently stroke his soft fur. Gathered about the mat, the children offered Ranger grass and apples to nibble on. His little twitching mouth fascinated the children as they watched him eat.

Thank you so much to Ranger’s whānau (Amelia and Alivia) for this wonderful visit – we all loved meeting Ranger!

Ram Ram the lamb

Ram Ram the lamb came to Preschool for a visit. Ram Ram was so friendly and ready to explore our environment. All the children were truly delighted to “see a lamb at Preschool” and the teachers loved our visitor too. After Ram Ram had explored the Preschool, it was time for his milk. With a tummy full of warm milk, Ram Ram was ready to explore some more!

A special thank you to Lilybelle and her whānau for sharing your special spring lamb with us.

Quiz Night success!

What a great success this fundraiser was! It was amazing to see so many families out enjoying this event.  Around 175 tickets were sold creating many teams who battled it out for the top spot. The raffles and auction were both very successful in supporting us financially as a community service. Thanks to Jacqueline and the many parent and Board helpers who worked hard to gather prizes, sell entry tickets and raffle tickets and coordinate the evening to make it such a success. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the many businesses who supported us. We are very grateful to the following businesses:

Annah Stretton, Aquagym Swim School, Build McBride Ltd, Cashmere Cuisine, Cashmere Gallery, Castle Rock Cafe, Celebration Cakes, Coffee Culture Beckenham, Cortado, Escape Massage, Female Federation Gym, Fevah Roofing Ltd, Ferrymead Heritage Park, The Funky Pumpkin, Grassroots Yoga & Health, Hardings Chemists, Jolene’s Beauty and Nail Cottage, MeBeMe Dance Academy, Mitre 10 Beckenham, Muffin Break Barrington, Mums n Tums, Opawa Cafe, Paper Tree St Martins, Protocol Public House & Kitchen, QEII Pharmacy, Scissortrix, New World St Martins, St Martins Pharmacy, Sarah-Jane Broughton, Sarah Webber Photography, Spoilt Boutique, Sushi Express, Taste@20, The Cup, Una Bakery, Uprising Bouldering Gym, Vino Fino, Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead.