31 January – Music Mary came to visit us for one of her amazing music sessions

15 February – Awatea and Matt brought Kitten ‘Taika’ into Preschool to visit

22 February – Drama – performing ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ play

23 February – school visit to St Martins School. We walked there, we stayed for morning tea and then took the bus back to Preschool!

26 February – we made muffins with a BIG zucchini that Rachael brought in to share with us

8 Februry – we made a friendship tree with Rachael and the children contributed their ideas about friendship


8 February – sewing with Jane and Rachael – making animals on the sewing machine and with needle and thread

9 February – we investigated the worm farm, talked about what worms like to eat, and saw hundreds of worms from Jenny’s worm farm going into the Preschool’s worm farm

9 February – peeling and cooking the apples from our tree in the preschool garden with Suz. They tasted delicious!

20 February – physical play outside on the ramp, with a mat and a boat! Even Jane went down in it 🙂

21 February – Library Lynette comes to visit us once a term

2 March – Science – Porter’s Dad, Sam, came to visit to show us the chemical reaction between mentos and cola. It made a huge volcano. Spectacular!


5 March – Manaakitanga – we found a cricket indoors, and thought it would be happier outdoors- so we set it free


March – Birthday celebrations – we had several 5th birthdays to celebrate, farewelling children to school