We have been working hard to extend our relationships with the schools that our children will be attending in the future and recently we had the opportunity to visit Beckenham School.

It was great to take the time to walk and chat along the way. The children loved this opportunity to point out all that they know about their local community and we got to hear about some of the experiences they have beyond our Preschool.

When we arrived at Beckenham School we signed in at the office and then were shown where the new entrants space was.  They are all in a new classroom and it was exciting to see all that goes on there.  We were welcomed into the classroom and then joined in on free play time where children had the opportunity to move around the classrooms and choose activities that appealed to them.  We also joined the school children for mat time and learned some new songs.

The trip home took a little longer than the downward journey.  We stopped at a playground for a snack and some playtime before racing up the hill back to Preschool.

Thanks so much to all the children and teachers at Beckenham School who welcomed us into their programme.  It is great to build connections with you and provide a positive learning experience for our children. Thank you also to our parents whose help made this trip possible.