In late May the Education Review Office visited Huntsbury Preschool to review teaching and learning, governance and management practices as well as collect data for national studies into health and physical education and beginning teacher support practices. The outcome of this review is very pleasing.

The main evaluation question that is used to rate Early Childhood Services is;
How well placed is Huntsbury Preschool Inc to promote positive learning outcomes for children?
And we scored:      Very well placed

This Very Well Placed evaluation also awards us 4 years until our next review, compared to 1, 2, or the more common 3 year time frame.  To accompany this evaluation are statements in regards to their findings.  The key next steps from the 2013 ERO report are now our strengths!

The full confirmed report is now a public document and is available on the ERO website (, on the home page of this Preschool website or a hard copy is available in the parent corner at Preschool.  We encourage you to read it in its entirety.
This ERO outcome is a recognition of the efforts and dedication over the last 3 years. It has been a tremendous team approach with significant energy and development in both practices, professionalism, procedures, interactions and teamwork.

Thank you to the teaching team Jane, Rachael, Julia and Jo, who have shown such dedicated growth from the last review.  Thank you Jo for leading with courage and commitment. Thank you Nisha for supporting the teaching team and the Preschool management and governance practices. Thank you to the Governance Board who have led and governed well, supporting practices, changes, developments and individuals.

Thank you to you, as a community member, for being part of this very special Preschool. You really have selected a quality Early Childhood Provider for your child!