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Our furry friends!

Recently we have welcomed some of our furry friends in to Preschool.  Thank you to the families who have brought their precious pets in for a visit!

Vanilla the baby rat

Vanilla belongs to one of our teachers. Vanilla made several visits to Preschool last term and the children have loved observing him as he moves about his cage. Rats are very friendly little creatures and love to interact with people. In small groups the children gathered around the cage observing Vanilla, communicating with each other about what they were noticing, listening to each other and giggling with delight as Vanilla came closer to talk with them. This close interaction took lots of negotiation of space and provided an opportunity to learn about understanding each other’s needs (i.e space) and point of view.

During another visit many children used Vanilla as inspiration for their art. Chairs, paper and markers were all brought over to the table and the children started creating drawings. Their observations were incredible as they noticed his features….long tail, ears, whiskers!! The children communicated their thoughts and ideas and listened to each other as well.

Spending time together observing Vanilla enabled children to make a contribution to the program by sharing their ideas and observations. It was also a very natural way to practice our conversational and communication skills, to express ourselves and to take an interest in the living world. Curiosity supported children to inquire, research, explore, generate and modify their working theories about the natural world.

Ranger the rabbit

Ranger is a beautiful fluffy rabbit who came to Preschool to visit. Ranger was just delightful. He was calm and many children came together to gently stroke his soft fur. Gathered about the mat, the children offered Ranger grass and apples to nibble on. His little twitching mouth fascinated the children as they watched him eat.

Thank you so much to Ranger’s whānau (Amelia and Alivia) for this wonderful visit – we all loved meeting Ranger!

Ram Ram the lamb

Ram Ram the lamb came to Preschool for a visit. Ram Ram was so friendly and ready to explore our environment. All the children were truly delighted to “see a lamb at Preschool” and the teachers loved our visitor too. After Ram Ram had explored the Preschool, it was time for his milk. With a tummy full of warm milk, Ram Ram was ready to explore some more!

A special thank you to Lilybelle and her whānau for sharing your special spring lamb with us.

Quiz Night success!

What a great success this fundraiser was! It was amazing to see so many families out enjoying this event.  Around 175 tickets were sold creating many teams who battled it out for the top spot. The raffles and auction were both very successful in supporting us financially as a community service. Thanks to Jacqueline and the many parent and Board helpers who worked hard to gather prizes, sell entry tickets and raffle tickets and coordinate the evening to make it such a success. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the many businesses who supported us. We are very grateful to the following businesses:

Annah Stretton, Aquagym Swim School, Build McBride Ltd, Cashmere Cuisine, Cashmere Gallery, Castle Rock Cafe, Celebration Cakes, Coffee Culture Beckenham, Cortado, Escape Massage, Female Federation Gym, Fevah Roofing Ltd, Ferrymead Heritage Park, The Funky Pumpkin, Grassroots Yoga & Health, Hardings Chemists, Jolene’s Beauty and Nail Cottage, MeBeMe Dance Academy, Mitre 10 Beckenham, Muffin Break Barrington, Mums n Tums, Opawa Cafe, Paper Tree St Martins, Protocol Public House & Kitchen, QEII Pharmacy, Scissortrix, New World St Martins, St Martins Pharmacy, Sarah-Jane Broughton, Sarah Webber Photography, Spoilt Boutique, Sushi Express, Taste@20, The Cup, Una Bakery, Uprising Bouldering Gym, Vino Fino, Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead.

What a Hoedown!!

Thank you to all the cowboys and cowgirls who made our disco such a success last night! It was a special night to celebrate families and our community… a night of fun, dancing and food!! It was wonderful to see our whānau enjoying their kai, having a boogie and getting to know other families within our special Preschool community.

Our annual Hoedown Disco is such a highlight in the Preschool year. Our Preschool friends love to share the evening with their whānau and siblings….and we know that all the brothers and sisters both older and younger love to attend the evening as well.

We hope you had as much fun as we did!





Thank you to Survus Consultants!

Huntsbury Preschool would like to sincerely thank Survus Consultants for their donation.  As a community-led, non-profit Preschool, all donations make a considerable difference to the opportunities that we can provide to the children and families within our community.


Survus Consultants is proud to support Huntsbury Preschool.

A visit to St Martins School junior kapa haka group

On Monday 10 April the afternoon group of children caught the bus and went all the way down the hill to visit St Martins School!  We were very excited to meet the bus driver and play ‘bus bingo’.  We then watched the junior kapa haka group in their final practice for Term 1 – we got to see some of our older siblings perform and were even taught some of the moves.  We were also lucky enough to be invited into the New Entrant classroom for a story!  What a great time we had! Thank you St Martins School!

We came, we rode and we conquered!

Huntsbury Preschool’s 3rd annual Wheelathon was held on Friday 3 March at Holliss Avenue Park. Thank you to our amazing families for making it such a fun and successful event!

There were trikes, bikes, 2-wheelers and scooters galore!  Throw in a sausage sizzle, ice blocks and a lolly scramble too and what else could you ask for?  Apart from the perfect weather we had!

It was wonderful to see so many families joining in, our Huntsbury Preschool has such a strong community spirit. It was also inspirational to see the older siblings helping out with the sausage sizzle, the stickers for each lap completed as well as running along to encourage the riders.

We can’t wait for next year!


A HUGE THANK YOU to CARPET COURT for our new carpets!

Huntsbury Preschool would like to sincerely thank Carpet Court for their generosity in providing us with fantastic new carpets! The children absolutely love them (and so do the parents!)  As a community-led, non-profit Preschool, donations like this make a considerable difference to the opportunities that we can provide to the children and families within our community.

Thank you Carpet Court!

We are excited to announce the appointment of our new Head Teacher!

Huntsbury Preschool is delighted to announce the appointment of Suz Cruse as Head Teacher. Suz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the education sector, and early childhood, to Huntsbury. Suz has extensive head teacher experience in a range of early childhood centres. She has also mentored and taught adults and fellow teachers. We are looking forward to our families getting to know Suz, and welcoming her into the Huntsbury Preschool family in Term 1, 2017.

 Photo: (L to R) Rachael, Jane, Suz, Nisha and Julia




Paula from St Johns in Schools comes to visit us!

Thank you so much to Paula for coming in to Preschool this morning! We had so much fun learning about the ambulances service and what ambulance officers do. We got to see the toy ambulance car and now we know how ambulance officers help us when we need them.  Thank you Paula!